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    University College London

    Fangzhou Xu graduated from University College London with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. He currently serves as China Business Development Advisor at DUBAL Holding LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Investment Corporation of Dubai), originating strategic investment opportunities in the industrials, mining, and energy sectors. Fangzhou is 23 years old and from Beijing, China.
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    Farid Nemri is the Managing Editor of the International Public Management Journal, and works with faculty on negotiation and organization studies at Harvard Kennedy School. He studied Psychology at Harvard University, where he co-led North America’s largest Arab conference and the first MENA-focused hackathon. He was a Research Assistant at the Schacter Memory Lab, a Venture Lead at Harvard Launch Lab, and a STEAM Researcher at the Institute of Politics. Farid recently published “Formidable Vulnerability,” a poetry collection on human resilience. Originally from Amman, Jordan, Farid is 24 years old and from the United States.
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    Felipe Flores will graduate from Harvard University in May 2019 with a Bachelor's degree in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and a secondary in Physics. During his undergraduate studies, Felipe has done Breast Cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, working toward a senior honors thesis. He enjoys being a math course assistant, a manager at the campus pub, and spending his winters as an interpreter and surgical assistant for the Operation Walk - Freedom to Move medical mission in the Dominican Republic. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Felipe hopes to gain insight into public policy regarding the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biomedical industries to improve regulation and research practices. Felipe is 21 years old and from Chile.
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    FNU ABIHAPakistan

    University Of The Punjab, Lahore Pakistan

    Abiha founded Sync City for the development of youth and women and to promote cultural understanding to change the world one step at a time. She has researched the role of female directors on boards in third sector Pakistan and has worked with the world's largest interest-free micro-finance program since 2016. At a 2018 Lean-In Conference at Stanford, Abiha served as a regional leader representing more than 1200 female leaders and in the company of COO Sheryl Sandberg. Abiha also worked as Library and Information Services Adviser at the British Council, promoting the Kectil book 'Females in Society', and assisting in the mentorship of 715 youth from 52 developing countries at Kectil. Abiha is 23 years old and from Pakistan.
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    Georgia Institute Of Technology, Tongji University

    Guanhua (Roger) Feng is the Founding and Managing Partner of Sky Spring Capital in Beijing. His funds focus on HKEX IPO investments, convertible bond and cross-border merger and acquisition investments. Roger was born in the Shandong Province of China. Completing his degrees from both China and the U.S., he has absorbed mixed cultures and cultivated interdisciplinary knowledge of science, engineering, and finance. He has broad interest in social activities and sports, especially tennis and soccer. Roger started his career as a private equity analyst in CDH Investments, where he made important contributions to several transactions. Then he was invited to lead the mergers and acquisitions division in New Hope Group and had successfully closed several cross-border acquisitions and greenfield investments. Roger's current business has already supported almost 20 companies listed in HKEX and created outstanding returns for investors. Roger is 27 years old and from China.
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    Beijing Language And Culture University, Columbia University

    Guanzhi Li is studying Instructional Technology and Media at Columbia University's Teachers College. He is exploring the potential of virtual reality and augmented reality as educational tools for immersive learning. Prior to graduate school, he studied at Beijing Language and Culture University, majoring in Finance. He is passionate about social innovation and tech entrepreneurship. Besides initiating different social innovation projects, he has experience as a student entrepreneur and was selected as a 2016 Fellow of Harvard SEED for social innovation. Upon completion of Schwarzman Scholars, Guanzhi hopes to become an impactful entrepreneur. Guanzhi is 25 years old and from China.
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    Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey, University Of Electronic Science And Technology Of China

    Haoyang Yu graduated from Rutgers University with a Master of Science in Computer Engineering, focusing on Internet of Things, and publishing two IEEE articles. Before enrolling at Rutgers, he received a Bachelor of Engineering from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China majoring in Optoelectronics. Haoyang began his career as an Analyst at Goldman Sachs in New York, where he focused on finding the big data and cloud technology to reshape the in-house data strategy. He then moved to the OTC derivatives post-trading automation group, where he designed and developed the strategic trading compression platform, which reduced trillions of dollars of notional value and saved millions in capital per cycle for the firm. Currently, Haoyang leads a trading data project. Besides his passion for FinTech, he also cares about Education and 12hopes to become an entrepreneur who can make financial services more inclusive and spread FinTech knowledge. Haoyang is 26 years old and from China.
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    Lady Shriram College For Women, St. Xaviers College

    Harnidh Kaur is a policy analyst, published author, poet, and columnist. Previously, she has worked on urban sanitation in India, where she worked on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation WASH grant through India's leading strategic philanthropy foundation, Dasra. She is the co-founder of Shakti Political Action Committee, a political consultancy that helps foster ecosystems for women candidates. She also conducts poetry workshops and clinics across India. She has a Master’s degree in Public Policy from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai and her Bachelor’s degree in History (Honors) from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi. Harnidh is 23 years old and from India.
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    Central University Of Venezuela, University Of Oxford

    Hector Fuentes is a political activist and a human rights defender from Venezuela. He received a law degree from the Central University of Venezuela (2013). He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree of Public Policy at the University of Oxford. Before his time at Oxford, Hector worked as co-director of the Legal Department of the political party Voluntad Popular and as a Legal Advisor to the National Assembly of Venezuela. He is interested in Chinese foreign policy toward Latin America and the transformations in international trade rules promoted by China. Hector is 28 years old and from Venezuela.
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    Himakeerth (Hima) Tammineedi finished his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with a minor in Machine Learning in 2018 from Carnegie Mellon University and is currently at Carnegie Mellon pursuing a Master's degree in Machine Learning. Hima strives to work on impactful projects, for example, starting and leading a team of students in creating an autonomous agricultural obturator while in high school, and being a director of, a national non-profit that helps students of all ages start initiatives that help their communities. He hopes that he can spend time in China learning all about the nation that is and will continue to play a huge role in the development of our planet and its technology. Hima is 21 and from the United State
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    Keio University

    Hinako Hirasa is a researcher at Mitsubishi Corporation, based in Tokyo. Her work focuses on the geopolitics and macroeconomics of China and Asia, and the impact on Japanese trading companies’ business. She has worked in Beijing, Shanghai, and Washington D.C. as a global researcher for Mitsubishi. Earlier, she earned a Bachelor of Laws degree from Keio University in 2014, and minored in U.S. Regional Studies. During college, she studied at Brown University as an exchange student and majored in International Relations. Upon completion of the Schwarzman Scholars program, she intends to promote business cooperation between Japan and China. Hinako is 26 years old and from Japan.
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    Ibmec (Instituto Brasileiro De Mercado De Capitais)

    Isabela Christo is the Co-founder and CEO of Soul Kombucha, the first kombucha company in her home state. She has worked with the Brazilian Government at its Mission to the United Nations in New York and with different renowned non-profits in the United States. Isabela is a Georgetown University Alumna of the Global Competitiveness Leadership program. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Ibmec, Brazil and was an active leader in student organizations. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Isabela hopes to take her leadership skills to a new level and obtain a more profound comprehension of China's power. Isabela is 26 years old and from Brazil.
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    Isabella Colocci will graduate from Harvard University in May 2019 with a degree in Integrative Biology and a minor in Global Health and Health Policy. While at Harvard, she has conducted original research on microbial ecology and access to care for people living with HIV in India. She was also co-President of the Harvard Pops Orchestra and played club Ultimate Frisbee. As a Schwarzman Scholar she is interested in exploring health policy and the intersection of health and climate change. Isabella is 22 years old and from the United Kingdom.
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    JACINTA KEASTAustralia

    University Of Sydney

    Jacinta Keast graduated from the University of Sydney with majors in International Business, Chinese Studies, and Asian Studies. As an undergraduate, she worked at China Matters, an Australian public policy initiative that brought together Australian government policy-makers, CEOs, and politicians to improve Australia-China relations. Her reporting and international affairs analysis has appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, ChinaFile and East Asia Forum, among others. She speaks Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, and is a Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Scholar. Jacinta is 23 years old and from Australia.
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    JACK LEWYUnited Kingdom

    University Of Cambridge

    Jack Lewy graduated top of his year from Cambridge University in 2017 with triple first class honors in Politics and International Relations, and works as a speechwriter and researcher for a Minister in the UK’s Treasury, specializing in technology and entrepreneurship. He hopes to develop his understanding of big data’s role in Chinese governance, uniting his interests in politics and technology to inform a future public policy career. Equally interested in business, Jack broke sponsorship records as the elected Treasurer of Cambridge’s largest society and has worked with several high-growth startups. Jack is 22 years old and from the United Kingdom.
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    Jennifer Almodovar Jimenez recently graduated from Brandeis University with majors in Politics and International Relations and minors in Philosophy and Legal Studies. She also studied international criminal law at The Hague, and politics at the London School of Economics. At Brandeis, she fostered her passion for social justice and public service by advocating for Haitian cholera victims, conducting wrongful convictions research, and interning at the Massachusetts State House, U.S. Senate, and the U.K. Parliament. As a way to honor her immigrant roots, Jennifer hopes to pursue a career in law and policy focusing on immigration and labor. She is currently a paralegal helping reunite migrant families. Jennifer is 23 years old and from the United States.
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    Jesper Ke will graduate in 2019 from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. As an undergraduate, he founded a student-run program that provided free intensive English courses over the summer to 300 low-income adult immigrants in Boston. He also served as the Vice President of the Phillips Brooks House Association, helping oversee operations for a $4.1 million student-led nonprofit. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Jesper plans to learn more about comparative social safety net policies for underserved adult and elderly populations. Jesper is 22 years old and from the United States.
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    JESSE MARKSUnited States Of America

    Florida State University, University Of Cambridge

    Jesse Marks is a graduate candidate at the University of Cambridge and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Middle East Studies from Florida State University. An advanced Arabic speaker, he worked at the Stimson Center, Jordan Center for Strategic Studies, and the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) Jordan as a Boren scholar, Scoville fellow, and most recently, a Fulbright  research fellow to Jordan. Since age 17, Jesse has worked extensively with refugees and aims to lead Middle East development efforts. He has authored numerous publications on humanitarian and security issues in the Middle East. Jesse is 25 and from the United States.
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    Peking University

    Jiangcheng Zhu graduated from Peking University with a double major in Philosophy and Economics. During his undergraduate studies, he was an exchange student at the University of California and worked as a research assistant at Harvard University. Jiangcheng values exposure to both the public and private sectors and has completed internships at the Development Research Center of the State Council, Elevation China Capital, and Tesla. As an excellent tennis player, Jiangcheng won the men’s single’s championship at the Beijing Collegiate Tennis Tournament and led Peking University’s tennis team to the first men’s and women’s dual team championship victory. Aiming to lead in the future development of China, Jiangcheng is avidly exploring a wide range of academic and professional fields. Jiangcheng is 23 years old and from China.
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    Nankai University

    Jiayu Zeng is a senior at Nankai University, majoring in financial management. She has received national scholarships and has conducted academic research in multiple disciplines. She joined an archaeology club to introduce ancient Chinese culture to the world. As the chairman of a student association that focuses its work on supporting children with autism, she holds online seminars and arranges volunteers to promote social attention on autism. She also puts much effort into improving mental health resources. Through Schwarzman Scholars, Jiayu aspires to learn more about Chinese society and enhance her capabilities within a global context. Jiayu is 21 years old and from China.
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