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    WILLIAM HAYNESUnited States Of America

    Dartmouth College, University Of Virginia

    William (Campbell) Haynes is a student at the University of Virginia School of Law. At UVA, Campbell serves as the Editor in-Chief of the Virginia Law Review, and has served in leadership positions in the American Constitution Society, the Minority Rights Coalition, and the Virginia Law Democrats. Before law school, Campbell spent two years working on statewide operational problems and policy issues as a Governor’s Management Fellow for Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam. Campbell graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Government in 2014. At Dartmouth, he earned the Fowler Family Prize for his commitment to political and civic engagement. Campbell is 26 years old and from the United States.
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    WOOKJAE JUNGSouth Korea

    Georgetown University, Seoul National University

    Wookjae Jung graduated from the Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service with a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service, majoring in International Political Economy. After graduating, he served as a Korean Air Force interpreting officer in the Office of the Defense Minister. In his position, he worked to strengthen multilateral cooperation on North Korea and transnational security issues, engaging foreign defense ministers and multilateral bodies. As a Schwarzman Scholar, he hopes to develop leadership skills to promote global integration and cooperation to solve complex challenges. In his free time, he likes to make cocktails and dance salsa. Wookjae is 26 years old and from South Korea.
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    Peking University

    Xuanhao Zhang graduated from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management. He is currently working at the Communist Youth League Committee of Peking University as Director of the Publicity and Investigation Department. At school, he served as vice president of the student union at Peking University, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee at Guanghua, and party secretary in his branch. He was supervised by renowned economist Li Yining and completed systematic research on the New-Type Urbanization in China. As a music lover, he won the first prize for Bel Canto Solo in the 2015 Chinese Vocal International Competition. He is dedicated to enhancing social fairness and the well-being of mankind. Xuanhao is 26 years old and from China.
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    YAN AUNGMyanmar (Burma)

    Swinburne University Of Technology

    Yan Aung graduated from the Swinburne University of Technology with concentrations in marketing and entrepreneurship. He has worked in market research and small business marketing and is currently leading a digital marketing agency. As a business technologist, he has transformed these companies with more efficient operating models. When he is not working, he co manages Google Business Group Yangon and teaches digital marketing at local communities. He is now striving to be part of the digital transformation of the country's governance system. As a Schwarzman Scholar, he hopes to learn more about China’s digital-centric public policies. Yan is 26 years old and from Myanmar.
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    YI JUN MOCKSingapore

    London School Of Economics And Political Science

    Yi Jun Mock will graduate in 2019 from the London School of Economics with a BSc. in Politics and International Relations.Passionate about sustainable development, he served as Project Leader for Networks of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth (SDSN-Y). He was also Co-Founder and President of Advisory (, a nonprofit helping young Singaporeans make informed career decisions. As a Public Service Commission (Foreign Service) scholarship recipient, he will serve in Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon graduation. Yi Jun is a Queen's Young Leader, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and Youth Environment Envoy with the National Environment Agency Singapore. Yi Jun is 21 years old and from Singapore.
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    Dalian University Of Foreign Languages, University Of Birmingham

    Yingjie Fan graduated from the University of Birmingham with a Master's Degree in International Money and Banking. He worked as a project manager at Bank of China (BOC) International in Hong Kong SAR, China. At BOC international, Yingjie priced and evaluated IPO projects. He led a team to explore target companies' strength with specific consideration for the environment in the local stock market. He also led a team of business professionals on a rural revitalization project in Sichuan in 2016. Yingjie is currently at China Resources Capital Management Limited in Hong Kong SAR, China as Senior Vice President. Upon completion of Schwarzman Scholars, Yingjie hopes to continue his devotion to minimizing the regional development gap and to fighting poverty. Yingjie is 27 years old and from China.
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    YOGAISH KHASTGIRUnited States Of America

    United States Naval Academy

    Yogaish Khastgir is a member of the United States Naval Academy Class of 2019. He will graduate in the spring of 2019 with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a minor in Spanish. He shares his passion for STEM by teaching modules for kids in local schools, and enjoys spending time honing his Spanish working with local Hispanic youth. Upon completion of his studies, he will begin training to serve as a naval aviator. Yogaish is 21 years old and from the United States.
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    Tsinghua University

    Yuan Zhang will graduate from Tsinghua University with a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture and a General Education Certificate of Excellence in liberal arts from Xinya College. She won the National Scholarship twice and the Tsinghua University Academic Excellence Award three times. She has presented research on the history of architecture at top academic conferences and presented a design project at Politecnico di Milano. Yuan has served as the student coordinator of Xinya College for two years. She was also selected as Tsinghua University's delegate to the global south cultural exchange program in India, in which she presented her research on slums at Jindal Global University. Yuan is 22 years old and from China.
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    University Of Oxford

    Yuxuan (Jeremy) Chen graduated from the University of Oxford with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics. Prior to joining Schwarzman Scholars, Jeremy was a vice president in charge of international business at the Beijing-based bicycle sharing company, ofo. Jeremy also worked in the Deutsche Bank Hong Kong investment banking division for four years. After Schwarzman Scholars, he is keen to further explore start-up opportunities. Jeremy is 27 years old and from China.
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    ZACHARY TANNew Zealand

    University Of Queensland, University Of Sydney

    Zachary Tan is a medical doctor and Director at CancerAid, a leading cancer patient support startup. He previously practiced at Sydney’s prestigious St Vincent’s Hospital, serving the city’s most disadvantaged populations. Zachary worked toward ophthalmology specialist training and developed an artificial intelligence algorithm to screen pediatric eye disease, and has published papers in public health and health technology. Zachary was President of his medical school student body and served on the Australian Medical Association, successfully advocating for resident doctor safe working hour policy changes. Zachary is passionate about the intersection of clinical medicine, policy, and technology to improve healthcare outcomes broadly. Zachary is 26 years old and from New Zealand.
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    Washington And Lee University

    Zainab Abiza is a senior at Washington and Lee University majoring in Economics and Global Politics, with a minor in Poverty and Human Capability Studies. Through the Davis Projects for Peace, Zainab designed and implemented a project aimed at increasing educational attainment for rural girls in Morocco. She is currently working on expanding this program domestically and starting her own NGO to improve educational outcomes for girls globally. Zainab is Princeton PPIA alumna and has conducted research on counter-terrorism. She is fluent in Arabic, French and English. Zainab is 22 years old and from Morocco.
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    University Of Pretoria

    Zanele Mahlangu holds a B.Eng Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Pretoria. She is currently a Business Analyst for First National Bank. Zanele is a published author in the Italian Chemical Engineering Journal, an accomplishment she achieved through her undergraduate research project. Zanele is passionate about social justice and economic equality in South Africa. She has been involved with multiple community projects, like Zama Lesedi, an Enactus project aimed at providing solar lights to a community without electricity. Upon graduation, Zanele plans to use the knowledge to impact the community projects she is involved with that are aimed at mitigating poverty. Zanele is 23 years old and from South Africa.
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    Sun Yat-Sen University

    Zequn Zhao graduated in 2018 from Sun Yat-Sen University with a Bachelor's degree in Applied Meteorology, focusing on pollution control and environmental regulation mechanisms. In 2017, he was named Outstanding Student Leader in Guangdong. Zequn previously served as the Executive President of the All-China Students’ Federation, President of the Guangdong Provincial Students’ Federation, as well as President of the Students' Union of Sun Yat-Sen University. In his position, he worked for the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and served as the Director of the Academic and Technology Innovation Committee, which gave him a strong interest in public/economic policy. Currently, he is a member of standing committee of Guangdong Youth Federation, and is in charge of public service. Through the Schwarzman Scholars program, Zequn hopes to obtain an advanced global perspective in solving Chinese issues and enhance his internationalized vision. Zequn is 24 years old and from China.
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    New York University

    Zetong (Jack) Jia will graduate in May 2019 from New York University with a Bachelor's degree in Politics and Sociology with honors. Growing up in Zimbabwe, China, and the United States, Zetong acquired a multicultural perspective and became passionate about global development and international relations. Zetong has worked in Liberia following the civil conflict to empower Liberian youth through community development projects and entrepreneurship training. He also worked with the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) to evaluate member states’ progress towards the Sendai Framework and developing national disaster risk reduction strategies. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Zetong hopes to gain a more profound knowledge of China’s growing overseas involvement. His goal is to one day become engaged in the realm of policy and diplomacy among China, the U.S., and African nations to forge new paths for conflict resolution. Zetong is 21 years old and from China.
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    ZHENG DAIChina

    Peking University

    Zheng Dai will graduate from Peking University with a double major in Financial Mathematics and Philosophy in 2019. He is passionate about education and social innovation. As a sophomore, he founded THILLIANT, a start-up that promotes the practical ethos of college students and the mindset of high-school students from second and third-tier Chinese cities. He also organized three student social practice teams to dig into the details in the Chinese rural areas. Stanford University named him a University Innovation Fellow for his efforts to improve the atmosphere of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Peking University. As an undergraduate student, he lectured for Peking University School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship's Innovation & Design Camp. Zheng is 21 years old and from China.
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    Barnard College

    Zhiquan Zeng studies Economics and Mathematics and Film Studies at Barnard College and is particularly interested in crossnational economics and Hong Kong cinema. She is a National Secondary Level badminton player, the president of the Columbia Badminton Club, and the co-lead of Redefine Academy. With her team, she built a women's empowerment academy and volunteered her time to facilitate the program for two consecutive summers. Zhiquan believes cinema is the best instrument to make positive social impact and the best language for different cultures to communicate. In the future, Zhiquan wants to explore ways to produce and deliver better Chinese cinema content to the world. Zhiquan is 21 years old and from China.

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    Drexel University

    Zhiyuan Liu graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. Enthusiastic about cross-cultural communication through business activities, Zhiyuan is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded Informatree LLC. and MUSII Tea Ltd. in the US and China respectively, providing mobile phone products for cultural enterprises. Through the Schwarzman Scholars program, he hopes to enhance his critical thinking, cross-cultural understanding, and global leadership to help connect rising China with the ever-evolving world. In the future, he wants to create more products that can meet people’s needs and transmit Chinese culture. Zhiyuan is 28 years old and from China.

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    Emory University, University Of Pennsylvania

    Zhongyuan Zeng will graduate from the University of Pennsylvania in 2019 with a Master’s degree in City Planning.Previously, she studied at Emory University with a triple major in Political Science, Marketing, and International Business.Her background in social science and business converged in her experiences serving underprivileged groups including migrant  workers, homeless populations, and female inmates. She has also interned in a Village Committee in Beijing and conducted  research on urban village renewal schemes. At Penn, she founded Urban China Collective, a global network of scholars and professionals exploring more inclusive, sustainable urban governance strategies. As a Schwarzman Scholar, she aspires to study public policies germane to urbanization and social inclusion in a global context. Zhongyuan is 24 years old and from Beijing, China.
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    ZHOU YUChina

    Tsinghua University

    Zhou Yu graduated from Tsinghua University with a dual degree in English and Business Administration. At Tsinghua, he won the National Scholarship, the Outstanding Graduate, and the Excellent Student Leader award. Currently, Zhou studies in the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsinghua University, focusing on environmental governance. Zhou shows great interest in international affairs, especially in refugee settlement. During an exchange at Heidelberg University, he initiated mutual understanding between refugees and Germans. Upon return to China, he also led a group to offer a refugee marketplace design plan, which became the only Chinese finalist in the marketplace competition among 342 proposals. With the mastery of five languages, Zhou hopes to become an international public servant in the future. Zhou is 23 years old and from China.
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