Core Courses

Chinese Culture, History, and Values

This course lasts 8 weeks, divided into two sections.

In section 1 (4 weeks) the discussion will focus on four themes in ancient Chinese history including (1) Morality and Politics (2) Centralization and Decentralization (3) Selection of political leaders (4) Democracy and Meritocracy. In section 2 (4 weeks) the discussion will focus on themes in Chinese history from the mid-nineteenth century onwards including (1) War and Peace (2) Early Reform and Revolution (3) Socialism and Reform (4) Confucianism and Commerce.

Teaching Style

The course will be discussion-based. For each topic, a professor will deliver a lecture, followed by comments from the other professor that offers a contrasting perspective, with time for open discussion. The class will be broken up into smaller groups so students have more time and opportunity for quality discussion.