The truly innovative Schwarzman Scholars Program will set the global standard for the education of elite talent. The program will link China and the global community to offer the most profound and distinctive perspectives on key global issues, thereby shaping the world’s future leadership. Schwarzman Scholars will be based at Tsinghua University, which has a long and rich tradition of being at the forefront of major endeavors in China, ranging from political and economic, to scientific and social. It is the objective of the program to create a genuinely interactive platform and environment where students will be exposed to the most expansive spectrum of perspectives and gain a unique understanding and knowledge of China in a global context. This will infuse students with an invaluable insight into how to better navigate the issues and challenges the world’s leaders will face in the coming years.

Students in the Schwarzman Scholars Program will pursue an intensive master’s degree that includes a core curriculum created especially for the program, and Scholars have the choice of one of three areas of academic concentration. English will be the language of instruction.

An intensive and enlightening orientation at the beginning of the program will set the tone for entering students, preparing them to succeed both academically and socially during their year in China.

Core Courses

Core Courses

All Schwarzman Scholars share a core curriculum that serves as an anchor for the rest of their studies and builds connections among them as a cohort. Schwarzman Scholars will complete much of the core curriculum together early in the program, in the summer and fall of their year in Beijing. Core courses include:


At the beginning of the program, students will be able to choose from among three concentrations:

  • Public Policy
  • Economics & Business
  • International Studies

Concentrations developed from Public Policy courses will provide future leaders with the conceptual framework and practical skills necessary to succeed in public service and to understand the influence of public policy on business and civil society. The program will focus on the major policy areas of science, technology and environmental policy; public health, education, urban planning; and other emerging governance issues affecting China and developing economies around the world.

  • 1. Environment, Climate, and Governance
  • 2. Strategic Management of Public Organizations
  • 3. Public and Corporate Ethics
  • 4. Chinese Political Institutions
  • 5. Political Development: A Comparative Perspective

Economics and Business concentration courses will offer both the theory and knowledge needed to prepare scholars for careers in international finance, public policy, and economic and business development in the public and private sectors. Students will obtain a firm foundation in the functioning of the international economic system, with a particular focus on rapidly growing economies such as China.

  • 1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China
  • 2. Managing Risk: Insurance, Financial, and Accounting Perspectives
  • 3. Comparative Study on International Business
  • 4. Comparative Economic Institutions and Economic Policy
  • 5. Ambicultural Strategic Management
  • 6. Financial Markets and the Global Economy

The Schwarzman Scholars International Studies concentration course offerings will develop professionals with a deep knowledge of international issues necessary to be successful leaders in global business, policy and civil society. These courses will provide a strong foundation in policy, diplomacy, trade, legal studies and other important drivers of relations between China and the world.

  • 1. Global Media & Communication and China: Theories, Practices, and Trends
  • 2. Reforms and Social Changes in China
  • 3. Major Powers and International Security
  • 4. Comparative Law in the Global Context
  • 5. Political Economy of Developing Nations

Language Courses

Although Chinese language skills are not required for Schwarzman Scholars, knowledge of the Chinese language will be extremely helpful for students during their year in Beijing and in their future careers. A structured Chinese language study program will be implemented for the international students.

Co-curricular learning activities

Emphasizing leadership and "making a difference" in the world, the Schwarzman Scholars Program will encourage students to interact not only with professors, but also with practitioners. Co-curricular learning activities will include opportunities for Chinese and international leaders in all professions to engage in face-to-face communication with the Schwarzman Scholars to discuss and debate the most relevant issues facing the world.

Cultural explorations

On weekends and holiday breaks, Scholars will explore Chinese culture through short programs organized in Beijing and throughout China.

Deep dive

Scholars will take a 7-to-10 day field trip to rural areas and ethnic minority regions, or visit organizations that are unique to China.

Thesis/graduation report

The thesis/graduation report, also known as a capstone project, will allow students to select their own project on a subject them. They will be encouraged to utilize their course work and activities throughout the course of the year into the project.

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