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    Zahrah AbdulraufUnited States of America

    University of Alabama at Birmingham

    Zahrah Abdulrauf is a senior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham majoring in Cognitive Science with minors
    in Economics, Media Studies, and Philosophy. Currently a Communications Consultant at the City of Birmingham,
    she crafted the pitch decks for numerous economic development initiatives, raising over $15 million from investors.
    She previously served as Executive Creative Director at a Birmingham-based technology startup with over $100,000
    monthly recurring revenue. Passionate about expanding economic opportunity throughout the Deep South, her
    interests lie at the intersection of entrepreneurial ecosystems, global interdependence, and public policy. Zahrah is
    from the United States of America.
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    Vidette AdjorloloUnited Kingdom

    Queen Mary University of London

    Vidette Nyamekyewa Abena Adjorlolo is an aspiring travel entrepreneur who lives by the motto “not all wanderers
    are lost.” She was born in Ghana, raised in the United Kingdom, educated in the Netherlands, and works for HSBC
    in Hong Kong. She is a Powerlist Foundation Top 60 Scholar, contributor at the Cross Cultural Center of Human
    Rights in Beijing, a lecturer at the African Center Hong Kong, and the creator of “The Dynamics Of Black Single
    Motherhood,” the first audiovisual exhibition to celebrate Black single mothers. Vidette led the delivery of the U.K.’s
    first commercially viable solution for open banking. Vidette is from the United Kingdom and Ghana.
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    Maria AhmedSomalia

    Lafayette College

    Maria Ahmed graduated from Lafayette College with a Bachelors of Arts in International Affairs and
    Anthropology/Sociology. She is interested in the intersection between human rights and forced migration. She
    advocates for people’s fundamental right to asylum. At Lafayette, Maria co-founded Refugee Action, a student
    organization that advocates for refugee rights and locally resettles refugees. She works for International Rescue
    Committee, where she previously interned, as Caseworker Assistant to support clients who are rebuilding their lives
    in New York. In October 2020, she started her work with the Population Service International Anglophone Africa
    team to support strategic in-country implementation of health programs in South/East Africa. Maria is from
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    Andrey AksenovRussia

    Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

    Andrey Askenov is a young entrepreneur in e-commerce and international trade. He graduated from Sorbonne
    University with a double degree in Law and Economics, obtained with high honors. He was socially active during his
    studies, being the youngest president of the Sorbonne student association and elected-member of the Sorbonne Law
    School. Andrey worked for several consulting firms in Europe including Accenture, KPMG, and EY. He is now an
    entrepreneur who aims to rethink the way we consume organic products and make them affordable to the greatest
    number. Pursuing this ambition, he aspires to expand his knowledge of Chinese culture and share a multicultural
    perspective. Andrey is from Russia.
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    Arjun Neil AlimUnited Kingdom

    London School of Economics and Political Science

    At 23, Arjun Neil Alim travels and writes for The Evening Standard and Independent, interviewing public figures,
    writing analysis, and campaigning for charitable causes including refugees, homelessness and wildlife conservation.
    He left LSE with a First Class Degree in History and International Relations, the James Joll prize for best dissertation
    (on Francis Fukuyama’s “The End of History”) and Cum Laude Honours from Sciences Po Paris. Arjun speaks four
    languages and hopes to use a year in Beijing to learn Mandarin and better document and shape China’s role in a new
    multipolar world. Arjun is a proud British-Indian from the UK.
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    Hasani ArnoldUnited States of America

    Hunter College, The City University of New York

    Hasani Arnold graduated from Hunter College in 2019 with a double major in English and Chinese. He studied in
    Taipei, Nanjing, and Shanghai as a member of the Chinese Flagship Honors Program. Hasani is passionate about
    LGBT rights and racial equality. He previously served as a board member at ShanghaiPRIDE where he organized
    pride marches. He has researched and published articles about LGBT and human rights issues in China and currently
    works in immigration law as a Chinese interpreter. Hasani also owns a photography company. He enjoys classical
    music, coin collecting, and language learning. Hasani is from the United States of America.
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    Diane AudrasFrance

    University College London

    Diane Audras graduated from University College London, where she earned a first-class undergraduate degree in
    Statistics, Economics, and Mandarin. At 18 years old, she co-founded the student-led nonprofit Passport For
    Education. She wishes to combine her expertise in data analysis with her interest in social equality to ensure that
    development policy is informed by scientific evidence. Diane is an active member of the MUN circuit and served as
    Core Lecturer for the Harvard Association For U.S.-China Relations. She worked on a strategy development project
    for Depop and also gained experience in the sector of market research with IFOP. Diane is from France.
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    Eleni Ayala OjedaMexico

    Tecnológico de Monterrey, National University of Singapore

    Eleni Ayala Ojeda holds a bachelor's in International Relations from the Monterrey Technological Institute and a
    master’s in Public Policy from the National University of Singapore. She was awarded a APEC Scholarship for her
    studies in Singapore and has lived and studied in the U.S., France, South Korea, and Russia. A public servant for the
    Ministry of Public Administration and the Ministry of Tourism, Eleni has worked as a consultant for the Inter
    American Development Bank in Washington, D.C. and for UNHCR Malaysia. Through Schwarzman Scholars, Eleni
    expects to learn from the Chinese experience of implementing trust-building policies that promote ethical and
    sustainable business practices through digitalization. Eleni is from Mexico.
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    Richard (Matt) Barocas is an honors student at the University of Florida, where he is completing degrees in history
    and political science. Matt served as president of his campus’s College Democrats chapter, a student government
    senator, and an intern in the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. As a Schwarzman
    Scholar, he plans to research 21st century Chinese diplomatic styles in preparation for a career as a political officer in
    the U.S. Foreign Service. Matt is from the United States of America.
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    Daniyar BatyrovKazakhstan

    Nazarbayev University, IMT Atlantique, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

    Daniyar Batyrov earned a bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from Nazarbayev University and a double master’s in
    Energy and Environment from an Erasmus Mundus program. He is co-founder of Oasis Almaty, a social project that
    improves his hometown environment. As a Dubai Business Associate, Daniyar worked at Emirates airline’s
    Environmental Affairs Department, where he developed and led a project to reduce emissions in the aviation industry.
    As a Schwarzman Scholar, Daniyar intends to deepen his professional network and knowledge of China, to be ready
    to implement sustainability projects across Central Asia through the Belt and Road Initiative. Daniyar is from
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    Jamie BeatonNew Zealand

    Harvard University

    Jamie founded and lead the expansion of Crimson Education from an idea into a global company with more than 300
    full time staff, 2500 mentors, raising more than $60 MM USD from leading global investors and supporting more than
    1000 students to reach their university goals. Jamie, through Crimson, aspires to build the world's modern high school
    education system leveraging streamed, global classrooms and leading technology and then to serve New Zealand in
    government. Jamie has been selected in the Forbes 30u30, as a Rhodes Scholar, and is one of the youngest ever
    Stanford Graduate School of Business alumni.
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    Patrik BirkleGermany

    University College London

    Patrik Birkle is an Associate at Boston Consulting Group in Zurich where he specializes in digitization and technology
    to help the world’s leading organizations. Before joining BCG, he founded a virtual reality startup where he completed
    projects in Mexico, Haiti, the United States, and Europe. As an avid triathlete and Ironman triathlon finisher, Patrik is
    passionate about leveraging technology to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles. Through Schwarzman
    Scholars, he wants to forge close relationships with China’s technology and public policy sectors to identify scalable
    solutions to promote physical activity. Patrik is from Germany.
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    Taylah BlandAustralia

    New York University

    Taylah Bland is a senior graduating in 2021 from New York University Shanghai with a Bachelor of Social Science
    in Comparative Law. At New York University, she was the Student Body President and also served as the Global Vice
    Chair where she supported students at over 15 global sites. She studied in New York and London to broaden her
    understanding of global operations and analyze comparative jurisdictions of law. As a Schwarzman Scholar, she
    wishes to expand her studies of international law, integrating government and public policy to become a lawyer and
    enter Australian politics. Taylah is from Australia.
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    Taylor BlossomUnited States of America

    Montana State University

    Taylor Blossom is a 5th year senior at Montana State University studying chemical engineering and economics. He
    served two terms as Student Body President, focusing on increasing student civic participation and securing state
    funding for higher education. Taylor has worked in data analytics for several political campaigns and coordinated his
    university’s voter registration program for the 2020 election. Taylor hopes to explore how relations with China can
    improve election security in the 21st century. A fourth generation Montanan, Taylor is from the United States of
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    Tennyson Brown-Wolf is a senior honours student at the University of St. Andrews, studying economics and
    specializing in international development. His undergraduate research includes leading a team of analysts in modeling
    regional housing markets and making policy recommendations to the Scottish government. He advocates for
    rethinking the goals, terms, and strategies of financial progress in the Global South. A United States Senate Scholar,
    Tennyson has worked extensively in American politics, including as the youngest campaign manager in Colorado and
    as a policy analyst for the leading lobby firm BHFS in Washington, D.C. Tennyson is from the United States of
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    Katherine Budeski is a recent graduate of Montana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and
    minors in political science, Hispanic studies, and global health. In college, Katherine was a research assistant in a
    biochemistry lab, worked as a victim’s advocate, and founded a crisis-housing program. Since graduating, Katherine
    has been working at an international security organization in Washington, D.C. focusing on global health security.
    Katherine intends to pursue a career in global health diplomacy fighting for data-driven global health policy solutions
    that are interdisciplinary and equitable. Katherine is from the United States of America.
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    Suraj BulchandSingapore

    Stanford University

    Suraj Bulchand is a data scientist with LinkedIn's Economic Policy team. He analyzes global entrepreneurial networks
    and ecosystems of high-growth firms to recommend labor market solutions to policymakers around the world. Suraj
    graduated from Stanford University with M.S. and B.S. degrees in Management Science and Engineering. He led
    Stanford’s largest student-run management consulting organization as an undergraduate, and has headed teaching
    teams in graduate engineering and MBA classes. Through Schwarzman Scholars, he hopes to explore Chinese
    perspectives on how governments can use big data to design effective public policy. Suraj has Malaysian-Indian
    heritage and is from Singapore.
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    Jared BurlesonUnited States of America

    Southern Methodist University

    Jared Burleson is a senior at Southern Methodist University pursuing double majors in Physics and Mathematics with
    a minor in Chinese. He is interested in studying the relationship between public policy officials and the physics
    community. He plans to observe how Chinese physicists are working with the government on new collider physics
    experiments. Jared plans to work as a research physicist and utilize an understanding of public policy to advocate for
    collider physics experiments and government funding. Jared has previously conducted research with the ATLAS
    Experiment at CERN and with the EIC at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Jared is from the United States of America.
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    Yuhao CaoChina

    Stanford University

    Yuhao (Henry) Cao graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University with a B.S. in Mathematical and
    Computational Science. Henry is passionate about connecting China to the world through the power of capital. He is
    currently an investor at PAG, one of Asia’s largest private equity investment firms. Prior to PAG, he worked in Morgan
    Stanley’s Investment Banking Division in New York and Hong Kong, with a focus on merger and acquisition. Besides
    investing, Henry is passionate about public service and has interned at the World Bank and Guangdong Provincial
    Government. Henry has also served as a Torch Bearer for the Asian Olympics as a representative of students in
    Guangdong. Henry is from China.
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    Luise CastlungerItaly

    Bocconi University

    Luise Castlungergraduated from Bocconi University with a degree in Economics and Management for Arts, Culture
    and Communication. She grew up in the Dolomite region of Italy where she observed the impacts of tourism at a
    young age. Luise speaks five languages, led severalsocial entrepreneurship projects, directed the Italian branch of
    Global Brigades, and founded LuYou, a hospitality consultancy that connects Alpine regions with China’s tourism
    market. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Luise will study the relationship between technology, tourism policy, and the
    regenerative futures of cultural interactions between Europe and China. Luise is from Italy and Germany.
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