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    Luke CavanaughUnited Kingdom

    University of Cambridge

    Luke Cavanaugh founded LCAP Consulting and is preparingfor a career in diplomacy by taking on executive
    positions at various think tanks. In addition to his work at LCAP, he is Editor-in-Chief of the Pan-European Student
    Think Tank (EST) of several hundred members. He has prior experience as Global Development Lead at Polygeia
    Health Thinktank and Head of Conference at the UK’s oldest student think tank, The Wilberforce Society. In defining
    strategy with Polygeia and the EST, Luke has also worked closely with teams in Asia and looks forward to building
    these networks further at Tsinghua University. Luke is from the United Kingdom.
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    Ariana Chaivaranonstudied Visual and Environmental Studies and the History of Art at Harvard. Her educational
    work dethrones hegemonicnarratives in museums, including the National Galleryof Art, HirshhornMuseum, Harvard
    Art Museums, and Frick Collection. During COVID-19, she spearheaded cross-divisional anti-racist initiatives at the
    Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, winning board approval for the institution’s first Equity Team and Land
    Acknowledgement. Ariana creates art that intersects with activism, through collaborationswith Rirkrit Tirivanija,
    Tania Bruguera, and Lee Mingwei. Through Schwarzman Scholars, Ariana will investigate how global museums
    respond to appeals to remake culture. Ariana is from the United States of America and Thailand.
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    Gurchit ChathaUnited States of America

    University of California, Berkeley

    Gurchit Chatha graduated with highest honors from University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in
    Political Science and concentration in Quantitative Methods. He’sinterested in operations-driven technology and
    manages Supply Growth at Bellhop, the fastest growing moving company in the United States. Gurchit's experience
    draws from both politics and business, with past organizations including Iris Concise Consulting, the Brookings
    Institution, TATA Steel, and the U.S. House of Representatives. He’s passionate about problem solving and hopes to
    spend his Schwarzman year exploring Chinese technological innovation in the wake of rapid urbanization and power
    transition theory. Gurchit a first generation Indian-American from the United States of America.
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    Laura Angelica Chavez-VarelaUnited States of America

    Tecnológico de Monterrey, University of Oxford

    Laura Angelica Chavez-Varela recently finished a Master's of Science in Public Policy at the University of Oxford’s
    Blavatnik School of Government. She previously evaluated governance and peace-building initiatives within the
    United Nations Development Programme covering China, Brazil, and Egypt. She later joined the Mexican Secretariat
    of Foreign Affairs where she developed an outreach initiative for the Mexican community living in the northeast U.S.
    Keen to harness technological development to increase public sector delivery, as a Schwarzman Scholar, Laura aims
    to explore China’s innovation-driven interventions and guide policymaking to meet future social and economic needs.
    Laura is a Mexican-American from the United States of America.
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    Xiao ChenChina

    Minerva Schools at KGI

    Xiao Chen will graduate from Minerva Schools in 2021, majoring in cognitive science and business. Her experiences
    revolved around her passion in mental health and education. Xiao co-founded TIDE, a student-led initiative focusing
    on mental health problems in China. She also worked with NGOs in South Korea promoting mental well-being. Xiao
    participated in multiple research projects regarding child development, employee burnout, and discharge interventions
    in the United States, Argentina and China. Her goal is to rethink and bring change to education through innovation
    and global collaboration, and to find solutions for mental health in education. Xiao is from China.
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    Yuexuan (Chen) Chen is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Public Policy and Biology with a Journalism Certificate at
    News, The Plain Dealer and The Third Pole. She is an Associate with Oxpeckers Investigative Environmental
    Journalism Network and the former Health/Science Editor at the Duke Chronicle through the spring COVID-19
    outbreak. Her careerinterests liein public health,infectious disease and communications.With Schwarzman Scholars,
    she’s excited to explore international public health leadership in a Chinese context.
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    Shomy Hasan ChowdhuryBangladesh

    Universiti Putra Malaysia

    ShomyHasan Chowdhury is a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) activist, stemming her passion for WASH
    after losing her mother to diarrhea. Shomy co-founded the global youth-led nonprofit Awareness 360, and serves in
    leadership positions for several international platforms. Shomy graduated with an economics degree from Universiti
    Putra Malaysia. She wants to further her studies in public policy to ultimately bring necessary policy reforms in her
    country. She has received much recognition for her social work of over a decade, notably the 2012 President’s
    Volunteer Service Award (Gold) from President Barack Obama and the 2019 Princess Diana Legacy Award. Shomy
    is from Bangladesh.
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    Wan Fung ChuiHong Kong SAR, China

    University of California, Berkeley, Harvard University

    Wan Fung Chui is a medical student at Harvard Medical School. As an MD candidate in the Harvard-MIT Division
    of Health Sciences & Technology, Wan Fung has conducted AI and pathology research in collaboration with PathAI
    and leads the HMS chapter of One For The World. He previously worked at Google and studied Computer Science
    and Molecular & Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, where he received the computer science
    department citation. Wan Fung is from Hong Kong SAR, China.
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    Alexander (Alex) Crich graduated from Yale University in 2019 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and
    Engineering Science-Mechanical. At Yale, he co-founded VerivasSolutions, a medical device venture developing
    patent-pending vein graft harvesting technology that promises to make coronary artery bypass graft surgery more
    accessible and cost-effective. Alex currently works in the neurovascular medical device industryon minimally-
    invasive strokeand aneurysm therapies.Through Schwarzman Scholars, he hopesto gaindeep insight into theChinese
    healthcare landscape, complementing his long-term vision of being a global leader in delivering accessible healthcare
    solutions. Alex is from the United States of America.
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    Haotian CuiChina

    Cornell University

    Haotian(Roger) Cui earned his bachelor’s degree at the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University. He
    majored in hotel administration. During his time at school, Haotian served as President of the Chinese Students and
    Scholars Association. Outside of Cornell, he co-founded the Chinese Overseas Student Conference and Providence
    Academy. After graduation, he returned to Beijing and worked in real estate private equity. At the beginning of 2020,
    he launched an education company with a focus on helping overseas students transitioning into their roles in China.
    He believes, with his effort, he can inspire overseas students to contribute to the nation’s future. Roger is from China.
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    Guillaume DabreBurkina Faso

    Tamkang University

    Guillaume Dabreis a Resolution Fellow who created GreenFaso, a waste management and environmental protection
    social venture in Burkina Faso. As a first-generation college student, he completed a bachelor’s degree in diplomacy
    and international relations with the equivalent of summa cum laude from Tamkang University in Taiwan. Fluent in
    Mandarin, he quickly adapted to the local culture and went on to start Alpha League, a public speaking and Model
    United Nations student organization. By participating in Schwarzman Scholars, he hopes to foster China-Africa
    relations while focusing on sustainable growth and policymaking. Guillaume is from Burkina Faso.
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    Oyumaa DaichinkhuuMongolia

    Washington and Lee University

    Oyumaa Daichinkhuu graduated from Washington and Lee University with a bachelor’s degree in economics. She has
    since worked as a senior consultant at EY, supporting clients’ digital transformation journeys across the U.S. and Asia
    Pacific regions and leading educational initiatives. Oyumaa helped establish EY’s wavespace innovation center in
    Hong Kong and was awarded as EY’s global mobile solution design competition champion. Through Schwarzman
    Scholars, Oyumaa hopes to gain a better understanding of the Chinese political and economic institutions spurring
    entrepreneurship and the viability of these models as accelerants in developing countries. Oyumaa is from Mongolia.
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    Louis DevineAustralia

    University of Melbourne

    Louis Devine graduated with honours in philosophy and international relations from the University of Melbourne. His
    thesis analyzed the strategic implications of China’s military modernization. He sat on the Students’ Council and the
    University’s Academic Board, advocating for student interests. Previously, he worked for a member of Australia’s
    Parliament. Currently, he is the National Youth Convenor for the Australian Republic Movement. As a Schwarzman
    Scholar, he hopes to study China’s philosophical tradition. Synthesizing Chinese and Western philosophy can provide
    a moral framework for peace in the 21st century. He enjoys Chinese martial arts, boxing, and running. Louis is from
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    Sameer DharCanada

    University of Alberta

    Sameer Dharpreviously built and sold the aging-technology company, Sensassure, to Swedish-based Essity. As part
    of this journey, Sameer lived out of nursing homes for twelve months and developed an intense passion for elders and
    solving the problems of social isolation and loneliness. He previously co-founded the not-for-profit, SEEDS Society,
    which has engaged thousands of students and raised millions of dollars towards local poverty relief efforts. He has
    been named one of Canada's Top 20 Under 20 and Canada's Next36 young leaders and holdsa Bachelor of Commerce
    Degree from the University of Alberta. Sameer is from Canada.
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    Julius Dodson majored in economics and neuroscience while concentrating in public health at Williams College.
    Julius’ interest in the technological revolution of healthcare began while working in the rare-childhood disease unit at
    TGen. This interest in digital health has won him funding for a healthtech venture and led him to the life-sciences
    group at In-Q-Tel. He has interned in both technology and healthcare investment banking at JP Morgan. He is
    committed to democratizing healthcare through technology,entrepreneurship, and finance. Julius is a captain on the
    squash team and chair of the Black Student Union. Julius is from the United States of America.
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    Ilene EUnited States of America

    Princeton University

    Ilene E is a senior at Princeton University majoring in computer science with minors in visual arts and applied math.
    She has cultivated her technical interests by interning at Google and conducting computer graphics research with
    Princeton University and Pixar. At Princeton, she directed the Student Design Agency into becoming a campus design
    community, and created animated films that have been screened at festivals across the U.S. She aspires to combine
    her technical and creative skills into a career in animation, fostering responsible younger generations through socially
    conscious animated films. Ilene is from the United States of America.
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    ZakiyyaEllington will graduate from the University of Georgia with bachelor's degrees in accounting and Arabic and
    a master's degree in business analytics. Passionate about advancing structural opportunities and equity for underserved
    communities, she has developed her skills in capability-building through internships at McKinsey & Company and as
    a teaching assistant in the UGA Honors Program and the Vice President of Professional Activities for her professional
    fraternity. She hopes to combine bottom-up and top-down approaches to social and economic development for
    underserved communities in the MENA region to advance their empowerment. Zakiyya is from the United States of
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    Lamount EvansonAntigua and Barbuda

    Lehman College, The City University ofNew York

    Lamount R. Evanson is an international student at Lehman College, The City University of New York and will earn a
    bachelor's in chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry. As an undergraduate, he worked as a research assistant
    and teaching assistant under the Department of Chemistry, and held officeas a Senator on the Lehman CollegeStudent
    Government Association. Lamount is an aspiring physician-scientist (MD-PhD) and hopes to work on improving
    LGBTQ+ health care and HIV/AIDS health policy in the Caribbean region. He has interned at the NYC Department
    of Health and SUNY Upstate Medical University. Lamount is from Antigua and Barbuda.
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    Xinyi FangHong Kong SAR, China

    University of California, Berkeley

    Xinyi (Michelle) Fang graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in media studies. While
    there, she worked closely with female-led and Asian-led philanthropies such as the Malala Fund and the AAPI Bone
    Marrow Donor Program. In 2017, she was part of the team that launched the inaugural Future Forum Beijing, a non-
    profit organization that aims to promote fundamental science research and innovation. Currently, she splits her time
    between Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Beijing, where she has had the privilege to work for media industry
    heavyweights such as Warner Brothers, iQIYI and Beijing Culture. Her passion for film and belief in popular culture
    as a medium for change led her to pursue an acting and film-making career in Hollywood. Michelle is a black belt in
    Taekwondo, a violinist, an avid soccer player and a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Michelle is from Hong Kong
    SAR, China.
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    Carlos Flores graduated summa cum laude from Harvard with a Bachelor of Arts in Government. As a Honduran‐
    American, he has always had a passion for global affairs. At Harvard, he was a Davis Projects for Peace recipient, an
    HIA Fellow and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Since graduating, he has worked with refugees in the Middle East and
    coordinated sustainable development projects in Central America with Eden Reforestation Projects. Fluent in English,
    Spanish, and Portuguese, he is currently learning Mandarin and Turkish. Carlos is from the United States of America
    and Honduras.
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