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    Lorena M. James is a senior at Davidson College studying environmental social science and Chinese studies. She is
    the founder of two green ventures, Z Spools and 4ever Curly. Z Spools works to provide eco-friendly 3D printing
    filament made out of an invasive shell species in the Great Lakes. 4ever Curly curates zero waste hair care products
    for the African diaspora. As the President of Davidson’s Pre-Business Society, she promotes entrepreneurship as a
    tool for experiential learning and global citizenship. She is passionate about theintersectionofsocial entrepreneurship,
    environmental sustainability, and the circular economy. Lorena is from the United States of America.
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    Dabin JeonSouth Korea

    Amherst College

    Dabin(Elaine) Jeon graduated with distinction from Amherst College, majoring in economics. She lives in Singapore,
    where she is a management consultant at Oliver Wyman and has worked across Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
    Elaine is passionate about building healthier cities, with health at the forefront of every urban policy decision and
    clients as Oliver Wyman’s social impact program manager for the Asia Pacific and her experience living in rapidly
    growing cities including Seoul, Seattle, Singapore, and Bangkok.
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    Sophie JiangUnited States of America

    Northwestern University

    SophieJiang will graduate from Northwestern University witha double majorin Radio/TV/Film and Asian Languages
    & Cultures. She has volunteered and studied abroad in Taipei, Beijing, and Prague. Sophie is passionate about the
    global film, music, and entertainment industries and hopes to become a transnational liaison for future co-productions
    between China and the United States. She has worked at the forefront of the East-West music industry during her time
    at 5A LABEL. Additionally, she has created visual content for artists at Top Dawg Entertainment. Sophie is from the
    United States of America.
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    revolve around constraining transnational forces like global industry and new technologies that undermine state
    sovereignty. Trent’s research on how multinational oil corporations’ residential camps shaped Venezuela’s education
    system and elite culture led him to create an oral histories database with interviews from oil camp alumni to promote
    future research. He is involved with the Multidisciplinary Academic Program for Human Rights and the Brady-
    Johnson Program on GrandStrategy. In the future,Trent hopes to help broker international compacts toaddressthreats
    like transnational technology. Trent is from the United States of America.
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    Vanshica KantIndia

    University of Delhi, University of Oxford

    Vanshica is a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum and has been with the United Nations. She holds a
    Bachelor's in History Honours from St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi, followed by a Master's in Global and
    Imperial History from the University of Oxford on a full scholarship. As a trained historian, her area of specialization
    lies at the intersection of history, technology, and society. She has been selected for several global congregations,
    including Summer Davos and the G8 & G20 Youth Summit. Vanshica writes for various platforms, including the
    World Economic Forum Agenda Blog and Financial Express. Vanshica is from India.
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    Melissa KariukiKenya

    African Leadership University

    Melissa Kariuki is a gender equality advocate, marketer, and entrepreneur whose ultimate ambition is to drive change
    in Africa. She currently works in Product Marketing at Google, supporting small business growth in Africa. Before
    Google, Melissa graduatedwith a First Class Honours in Business Management from the African Leadership
    University. She also completed ten internships across four continents at Bain & Company, H&M, and the Gates
    Foundation. She is committed to deepening her understanding of globalaffairs and public policy to build unique
    solutions to improve Africa. Melissa is from Kenya and South Africa.
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    Joshua KempUnited States of America

    City College, City University of New York, London School of Economics

    Joshua (Josh) Kemp graduatedfrom the Macaulay Honors College at the City College of New York with a Bachelor’s
    in International Relations. He then relocated to Shanghai and scaled a small education startup into the largest speech
    at the London School of Economics. Having previously worked at the intersection of HR and politics in Washington
    D.C. on presidential administration transitions, he is passionate about howdiagnosing fault lines at this critical
    intersection empowers broader public policy success. Josh is from the United States of America.
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    Roda Keseteis a senior at Emory University, double majoring in political science and Spanish. After her studies, she
    plans to work in the public sector focusing on the intersection between politics and economics in driving diplomacy.
    She has worked at the StateDepartment in the Office ofPopulation, Refugees, and Migration and in the Global Affairs
    Division of the Economics Bureau for Embassy Beijing. Roda is also extensively involved in state government,
    interning with the Georgia House Democratic Caucus and co-founding an Atlanta-based initiative to support refugees.
    Roda is from the United States of America.
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    Haris Khan Pakistan

    CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies

    Harisis a graduate from CUNY Baccalaureate (City College) where he studied Politics, Diplomacy, and Law. Haris
    was the Chairperson of CUNY Student Senate and Student Trustee, representing over 270,000 students. He
    successfully lobbied for higher education and immigrant rights in Albany, organizing students to pass statewide NY
    Dream Act and restore budget cuts. Haris began his career as Urban Fellow to the Deputy Mayor for Operations and
    now works as Queens Borough Liaison for NYC Comptroller Stringer. He hopesto advocate for justice in his public
    service career. Haris is 22 years old and a first-generation Pakistani immigrant.
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    Matea KocevskaNorth Macedonia

    New York University

    Matea Kocevskagraduated with Honors in Economics and Finance from New York University Abu Dhabi. Matea
    was active in Student Government and the Debate Union, establishing the first UAE-wide high school debateprogram.
    She has completed several internships in business development, consulting, and venture capital across Dubai and New
    York. She is currently a Research Assistant at NYUAD in the field of business strategy. Matea aspires to lead a
    business with a social impact in the field of education and ultimately enter politics. Matea is from North Macedonia.
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    Arjun Sai KrishnanIndia

    Princeton University

    Arjun Sai Krishnan will graduate in 2021 from Princeton University, majoring in Computer Science with minors in
    Linguistics, Quantitative and Computational Biology, and Applied and Computational Mathematics. At Princeton,
    Arjun founded and led the Sunda Rainforest Project, was President of Princeton South Asian Theatrics, and did
    independent research in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and South Asian and Mesoamerican writing systems.
    Arjun speaks English, Tamil, Hindi, Spanish, Kannada, Indonesian, and Sanskrit, and is interested in the intersection
    of technology, policy, and conservation. Arjun is from India and Singapore.
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    Margarita LabkovichUnited States of America

    Hunter College, The City University of New York, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

    Margarita (Margo) Labkovich is a medical student at the Icahn School of Medicine. She is interested in leveraging
    technological advancements for global health impact. She is a co-founder of Retina Technologies Inc. and a senior
    fellow at Humanity inAction, during which she organized a health education project in her home country, Belarus.
    Her interest in innovative healthcare solutions was inspired by experiences at Peer Health Exchange and Small World
    Initiative non-profits and her clinical work with Project Healthcare. She wants to advance global health through both
    medical and entrepreneurial perspectives. Margo is from the United States of America.
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    Fuk Leong LamHong Kong SAR, China

    King's College London

    FukLeong (Jack) Lam graduated from King’s College London with a first class in history and international relations
    on a Hong Kong Scholarship. His research interest lies in Chinese ethnography and Sino-Western relations and is
    determined to pursue a career in government and policy. Jack worked with the British Consulate, HSBC, a private
    equity firm, an NGO for special needs, the Administrative Service, and the Legislative Council in Hong Kong, SAR.
    Jack was raised in Changzhou, Jiangsu and Hong Kong, SAR. Jack is from Hong Kong, SAR, China.
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    Trevaughn LatimerUnited States of America

    Loyola University Chicago

    Trevaughn Latimer graduated from Loyola University Chicago with honors in economics. Trevaughnheld various
    leadership positions on and off-campus, including co-founding a nonprofit supporting youth shelters in Vietnam. He
    was awarded Loyola’s Emerging Leader Award for his campus involvement. Trevaughn currently leads economic
    development initiatives in low-income neighborhoods in St. Louis and is the youngest appointee to a government
    economics,Trevaughn hopesto study economic development and poverty alleviation policyinrural China.Trevaughn
    is from the United States of America.
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    Molly Leavens graduated from Harvard College with a self-designed major in food and the environment and minors
    in Spanish and studio art. She completed her senior thesis on corporate sustainability in the chocolate industry with
    fieldwork across seven countries and three continents. She was a National Udall Scholar, has consulted for
    multinational food companies, and was the youngest representative at Al Gore’s inaugural Climate Underground
    summit. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Molly hopes to learn more about China’s unique agricultural history and policies
    before beginning a career in global food supply chain management. Molly is from the United States of America.
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    Alexander (Alex) Li graduated summa cum laude from Cornell University, where he studied electrical and computer
    engineering. Alex founded GreenClub, a nonprofit that uses technology to help students go carbon neutral, and was
    awarded Organization of the Year by Cornell. He has researched digital agriculture in Kenya and developed pollution
    monitoring tools with Cornell’s Energy and the Environment Lab. Alex served as campus President of the Institute of
    Electrical and Electronic Engineers and currently works at McKinsey in San Francisco. As a Schwarzman Scholar, he
    hopes to build connections between China and the U.S. that accelerate the world’s pace of decarbonization. Alex is
    from the United States of America.
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    Miranda Li is a summa cum laude graduate of Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics-Philosophy
    and Computer Science. She currently works at Boston Consulting Group in social impact, serving the private, public,
    and social sectors on developmental and environmental issues. She was a leader of the Columbia Organization of
    Rising Entrepreneurs and Community Impact, is a certified Wilderness First Responder and leads hiking and caving
    trips. Upon joining Schwarzman Scholars, she hopes to explore cross-sectoral and international collaboration on
    environmental sustainability, environmental justice, and economic development. Miranda is from the United States of
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    Jin Young LimMalaysia

    Peking University, Waseda University

    Jin Young Lim is part of the core team of Wisdom 2.0 Japan. He graduated as the valedictorian of Waseda University
    in 2018 with a dual-degree from Peking University, majoring in education and international politics. Jin went on to
    co-found Vira Life Academy, a social enterprise that promotes geotourism, and Spawo Foundation, an NGO that
    develops rural education and sustainability in the Himalayas. He is also a martial artist, yoga teacher, and content
    creator. He has started a podcast andYouTube channel to cultivate “Eco Flow” -environmental stewardship and flow
    states -in our lives. Jin is from Malaysia.
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    Zhengyuan LiuChina

    New York University

    Zhengyuan (Alex) Liu will graduate from New York University Shanghai in 2021, with a double degree in economics
    and data science. Zhengyuan was awarded by then Vice Premier Yandong Liu the Chinese Youth Science and
    Technology Innovation Award. Serving as agroup leader of a Chinese delegation, he participated in an international
    a balanced development. Zhengyuan led research regarding China’s industrial internet at Tencent Research Institute;
    organized a nation-wide futures simulation trading contest; and initiated conversation around poverty alleviation
    during his internship at county government. Alex is from China.
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    Zhiyuan MaChina

    Emory University

    Zhiyuan Ma graduated with a bachelor’s degree double majoring in both political science and economics from Emory
    University. Zhiyuan was the first international student to be electedas president of the Student Government
    Association (SGA) at Emory University. Before serving as president of SGA, Zhiyuan served as vice president of
    Emory Oxford College. In addition to student government, Zhiyuan also interned at the Carter Center ChinaProgram,
    Emory’s Center for Law and Social Sciences, as well as Cox Enterprise. Since graduation, Zhiyuan has been working
    expansion ofChinese companies. Zhiyuan is from China.
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