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    Eduarda SilvaBrazil

    Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

    Eduarda Silva is a Psychology undergraduate at the Federal University of Pernambuco. Along with her studies, she
    worked as a Human Resources and Research and Development consultant, helping businesses grow with a focus on
    sustainability and healthy work environments. In the public sector, Eduarda worked at Itapissuma’s Health Secretary,
    assisting in Primary Healthcare and creating protocols for innovative psycho-educational policies. Through
    Schwarzman Scholars, she aims to understand the strategies in healthcare coverage that led China to reach 95% of its
    1.3 billion population, and also build global exchanges on public healthcare practices. Eduarda is from Brazil.
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    Igor Patrick SilvaBrazil

    Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais, Peking University

    Igor Patrick Silva is an international journalist with a bachelor's degree in Journalism from the Pontifical Catholic
    University of Minas Gerais and a master's degree in Chinese Studies from the Yenching Academy of Peking
    University. He has worked for major media venues in Brazil (CBN, Estadão, O Globo), authored columns on foreign
    In 2019, he was selected as one of the 5th cohort scholars at Yenching Academy, where his research focused on the
    Chinese State-owned media and the China "Going Out" strategy. Igor Patrick is from Brazil.
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    Zhi Min SimSingapore

    National University of Singapore

    ZhiMin Sim served for two years as a paratrooper in the Singapore Armed Forces as a conscripted soldier where his
    work involved the planning and leading of company-level movement of men and equipment behind enemy lines.
    Beginning his career designing unmanned systems for commercial and military applications, he went on to establish
    Yonah, a company dedicated to developing and deploying drone infrastructure to solve logistics problems in some of
    the most remote areas around the world. In this role, he worked directly with key governmental leaders in South East
    Asia, guiding policy and formulating strategies for the implementation of these new technologies. Zhi Min is from
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    Shivam SinghIndia

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

    ShivamShankar Singh is a data analyst, campaign consultant and author of The Asian Age bestseller “How to Win an
    Indian Election." He began in politics as a Legislative Assistant to Member of Parliament Fellow before moving on to
    manage data analytics for some of India’s largest parties in several state elections. Shivam currently runs a data
    consultancy and is an advisor to, India’s largest political crowdfunding platform. He has served as
    a panelist on national television and writes for severalnews outlets. He plans to work on exploring policies aimed at
    fostering economic development. Shivam is from India.
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    Kuwar SinghIndia

    Symbiosis International University

    Kuwar Singh is a journalist who reports on energy, environment, politics, andconflict in India. As a reporting fellow
    at The Kashmir Walla in Srinagar, he tracked the ramifications of India’s decision to end the partial autonomy of its
    largest Muslim-majority region. He previously worked as a reporter for Quartz India, where he wrote on the country's
    transition to clean energy and the impact of the climate crisis on the Indian people and resources. Kuwar studied
    journalism and film at Symbiosis International University, Pune. Kuwar is from India.
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    Sadie Statman will graduate from Emory University with a degree in Sociology and Global Development. Having
    lived in South Africa and Zimbabwe, Sadie is passionate about international development. While at Emory, Sadie
    servedas an Oxfam Change Fellow, was the General Body Coordinator for She’s the First, and conducted research on
    hydro-political conflict. Sadie interned with USAID’s Bureau for Africa, where she researched multi sectoral
    development, and the ACLU of Georgia, where she strengthened her public policy skills and advocated for voting
    rights. Sadie hopes Schwarzman Scholars will deepen her understanding of China’s role in international development
    in Sub-Saharan Africa. Sadie is from the United States of America.
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    Trenton StoneUnited States of America

    University of Southern California

    Trenton Van Stone is a Daniels Scholar at the University of Southern California, pursuing a bachelor's degree in
    International Relations Global Business and Philosophy. He is the University of Southern California's youngest and
    first openly gay Student Body President. Trenton provides pro-bono consulting services to local nonprofits as a
    Director of Los Angeles Community Impact. Previously, he represented the United States at a business competition
    in Malaysia, was a USC Global Fellow in Hong Kong, and performed political research at Cambridge University.
    Moving forward, Trenton hopes to drive foreign investment as a mutually-beneficial means of improving
    communities. Trenton is from the United States of America.
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    Bryan Stromer studied Human and Organizational Development at Vanderbilt University. He is a Product Marketing
    Manager at Microsoft, focusing on brand strategy. Born with cerebral palsy, Bryan is a disability advocate and the
    founder of Microsoft’s Disability in Marketing group. Bryan’s leadership there ensures authentic representation of
    disability in Microsoft’s marketing. Bryan ultimately aspires to help companies recognize disability as a strategic
    priority. Bryan was awarded the 2020 Mr. ADCOLOR, a 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30 list-maker, and the Disability:IN
    2019 NextGen Award. Bryan is from the United States of America.
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    Annie SunUnited States of America

    University of Pennsylvania

    Annie Sun studied Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and wrote her honors thesis on Nation Branding. At
    the University of Pennsylvania, she played a prominent role in mental wellness reform as Chair of the Penn
    Undergraduate Health Council. She also served as Captain of Penn Latin & Ballroom Dance and continues to compete
    in ballroom today. Annie is currently an Associate at L.E.K. and is active in pro-bono consulting, leading two project
    teams within her first year. Most recently, she founded Oraculi, a non-profit mentorship organization that connects
    young STEM professionals with middle-school students. Annie is from the United States of America.
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    Yucheng TangChina

    Fudan University

    YuchengTang is a senior journalist at one of the most influential Chinese magazines, Portrait. Before that, he worked
    for Southern Weekly, another leading newspaper in China, where he covered investigative news and was rated as the
    annual outstanding journalist.He graduated with distinction from Fudan University and majored in journalism with
    an international politics focus. During college, he received national scholarships, led the news department of campus
    media, and conducted fieldwork in rural China under a leadership-cultivation project, “Siyuan Project.” Yucheng has
    extensive experience with cross-cultural communication. He published his bylined article on The New York Times,
    demonstrating his ability to tell Chinese stories to the world. His ambition is tobridge China with the world through
    global journalism, improve the working environment of Chinese journalists, and build the professional community of
    journalists around the globe. Yucheng is from China.
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    Mabel Kai Tong Tie is a senior at Barnard College studying psychology and education. Influenced by her seven years
    of service at her women and children’s shelter, Mabel advocates for vulnerable youth through college access
    mentoring, intake counseling, and leadership development tools. Mabel uplifts her peers as the Executive Chair of the
    Governing Board that oversees all campus clubs, and as a Student Executive of Community Impact that facilitates
    community service in the surrounding neighborhood. Mabel hopes to improve and help the lives of the world’s youth
    through education and social policy. She is from the United States of America.
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    Anathi TshabeSouth Africa

    University of the Free State

    Anathi Tshabegraduated from the University of the Free State, South Africa and holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B).
    She is a 2017 Young African Leadership initiative RCL alumna, a 2018 Hesselbein Global Academy alumna, and a
    2019 World Youth Forum participant. She currently works as a Candidate Legal Practitioner at Webber Wentzel and
    is a 2019 African Law Firm of the Year Recipient at the African Legal Awards. She has experience in public law,
    dispute resolution and employment practices. She hopes that she can work as a policy and law developer, specializing
    in the protection of women and children’s rights in Africa. Anathi is from South Africa.
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    Denyse UmuhuzaRwanda

    Southern New Hampshire University

    Denyse Umuhuzabelieves in the saying, "if you don’t have water, you dig a well." At 18 years old, she wrote her first
    book that was put on the global honor list by the IBBY two years later. Growing up, she didn’t have content she could
    relate to, so she created it, andin 2018 she founded the first 100% community-funded library in her home district
    which now attracts more than 1200 youth every month. Denyse is affable with a contagious forward-thinking spirit.
    She has presented more than 60 radio shows, produced magazine content, and has published two books. Denyse is
    from Rwanda.
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    Emma Verges will graduate from Macalester College with a bachelor’s degree in Russian and International Studies.
    Emma speaks English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian, all of which she uses while working with theimmigrant
    and refugee population in the Twin Cities. She is employed at Wilson Law Group, assisting clients and attorneys in
    navigating immigration regulation. At Macalester, Emma tutors Russian, serves as a Student Athlete Mentor, is
    developing a conference for student-athlete community engagement on social justice issues, and is captain of the
    women's cross country team, using her platform to empower women in athletics and academics. Emma is from the
    United States of America.
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    Milan Vivanco is a senior at Yale University studying Ethics, Politics & Economics. On campus, Milan served as
    President of the Yale Political Union, one of the oldest debate societies in the United States, and as a research assistant
    analyzing great powerconflict in the 21st century, democracy promotion, and international development. He has
    cultivated his interest in geopolitics through internships at the World Bank, the US Congress, and The Economist
    Intelligence Unit. He is keen to learn more about US-China cooperation regarding climate change and humanitarian
    development efforts. Milan is from the United States of America.
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    Turan VuralUnited States of America

    University of Texas at Austin

    Turan Vural is a cybersecurity consultant at Accenture, where he secures the cyber infrastructure of Fortune 500
    companies. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, a Bachelor of Arts in
    German, and a minor in business from The University of Texas at Austin and completed graduate coursework Optics
    and Neuroscience at the Technical University of Munich. He produces technical radio networks to promote
    communication skills in the tech community and volunteered teaching elementary school students in America and
    Germany. He founded a startup pioneering millimeter wave radar technology to assist first responders and the visually
    impaired. Turan is from the United States of America and Turkey.
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    Ava WaitzUnited States of America

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Ava Waitzwill graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Materials
    Science and Engineering and minor in Energy Studies. Ava intends to spend her life addressing climate change. At
    the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she has worked on transparent solar cell development, systems-level
    analysis of various green-house gas emitting industries, and local climate activism. In the future, she plans to improve
    the sustainability of global manufacturing systems through the development of a circular materials economy. Ava is
    from the United States of America.
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    Yixi WangChina

    University of Pennsylvania

    Yixi (Cecilia) Wang is a senior from the Roy and Diana VagelosLife Sciences and Management Program at the
    University of Pennsylvania, pursuing Health Care Management, Statistics, and Computational Biology degrees.
    Cecilia is passionate about preventative health care and aspires to improve global health policies in the long term. She
    currently leads two research projects and an outreach effort related to COVID-19 policy responses. Cecilia interned at
    management project in Nairobi, Kenya. She also co-founded and led a disease prevention NGO in Chengdu to help
    promote awareness of preventable genetic diseases. At college, Cecilia was the president of the Wharton China
    Association and a member of the Penn Equestrian Team. Cecilia is from China.
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    Ziqi WangChina

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

    Ziqi(Will) Wang will graduate in May 2021 from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a bachelor's degree in
    Ziqi currently serves as the Chief Investment Officer of Michigan's school fund -Maize and Blue Endowment Fund -
    managing over $570,000.This past summer, Ziqi joined Morgan Stanley as a Private Equity Summer Analyst. Outside
    of school and the office, Ziqi has a passion for flag football and has won numerous Best Quarterback awards. As a
    Schwarzman Scholar, Ziqi hopes to gain a deeper understanding of China’s rising market presence and how the world
    could further the process of globalization. His goal is to establish a fund that bridges entrepreneurs and corporations
    globally. Ziqi is from China.
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    Jenna WichtermanUnited States of America

    University of Virginia, Johns Hopkins University

    Jenna Wichtermanstudied Foreign Affairs as an Echols Scholar at the University of Virginia. At the University of
    Virginia, Jenna was President of Sustained Dialogue, an organization bridging divides through dialogue. After
    graduation, Jenna interned at the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee and subsequently with the US Executive
    Director to theWorld Bank. She was selected as a Rosenthal Fellow in International Relations and is studying Conflict
    Management at Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Jenna hopes to
    better understand China’s role as a partner in global security and conflict management. Jenna is from the United States
    of America.
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