Living in Beijing


To anyone who has a genuine interest in understanding China, either about the grand history of the Chinese civilization, or the evolving relationship between East and West, or China’s rapid development in the present, Beijing is the best vantage point from which to observe and experience China’s transformations. As the nation’s political, cultural, and diplomatic epicenter, Beijing is undergoing enormous and fundamental changes, making remarkable progress yet facing formidable challenges at the same time. All the changes taking place in this city, from daily activities to globally influential policy making, tell a unique story of developing China.

Tsinghua Campus

In addition to world-renowned research and high-quality teaching, Tsinghua University also offers a beautiful campus with excellent living facilities. Situated in the former royal gardens of the Qing Dynasty, the picturesque campus has nurtured generations of Tsinghua students. At the same time, comprehensive facilities are available on campus, including discipline-specific libraries, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and a large number of cafeterias along with Schwarzman College’s own cafeteria, ensuring the quality of students’ learning and living environment.

Health and Safety

Beijing has several international clinics that offer full services in English and have Western-trained physicians. In addition, Tsinghua has a clinic that handles routine appointments and emergencies.

Though air quality levels have shown some improvement in recent years in Beijing, air pollution remains an unfortunate reality. Schwarzman College will have a special air filtration system, designed to meet the highest international standards. Air pollution masks will also be available for students in the admin office.

Student Activities and Program Events


Weekend trips organized by the program throughout the year will explore various aspects of Chinese society, politics, business, and culture.

Scholars will also take a 7-to-10 day study tour to explore contemporary China outside of Beijing, typically focusing on issues in one region. Through observation, lectures, interviews and roundtable discussions with local experts, Scholars will deepen their knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing contemporary China.

Student Organizations

Tsinghua University has more than 200 student associations including youth league chapters and student unions, as well as activity-focused clubs in many areas including science and technology, sports, humanities, arts and public welfare. Participating in extracurricular cultural and social activities while at Tsinghua is an excellent way to meet people, improve language skills, and integrate into the community.

Scholars will also have numerous opportunities to organize activities within the College. A Scholars’ committee will provide a platform to allow Scholars to pursue their own interests and create a vibrant extra-curricular community.


During the course of the year, Schwarzman College will host a number of lecture series featuring prominent speakers from the business, public policy, academic, and civil society communities.

Career Development

Mentor Program

The mentor program engages prominent figures to serve as informal guides to Scholars to further their professional development and deepen their understanding of China. Mentors will be drawn from various sectors including government officials, foreign business executives, local business leaders, leaders of NGOs, officials of international organizations in Beijing, entrepreneurs, artists, and scholars.

Practical Training

Scholars will complete practical training projects related to their academic and professional interests, working in business, government or non-profit organizations in Beijing. With faculty approval, students may substitute an on-campus academic research project for practical training.

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