All students participate in a two-week for-credit Orientation program when they arrive at the College. Orientation includes information sessions on academics, activities focused on team building and intention-setting, practical elements required for living in the College and in China, and formal convocation ceremonies for both Tsinghua University and the program.

Deep Dive

The first objective of the required Deep Dive course is to provide students with a broad understanding of China through introductory lectures and cultural excursions. Students will then have the opportunity to explore economic, political, and social topics more deeply by visiting companies, government agencies, and cultural sites during an intensive week-long field trip to a particular region. Some Deep Dive field trips focus on business development and technology, visiting prominent state-owned and private companies. Other Deep Dive field trips focus on social development, visiting rural areas, community centers, schools and nursing homes. Students also have the opportunity to meet with local government officials in each city to discuss business and social development -related issues. Faculty join each of the Deep Dives in order to contextualize what the students are seeing and experiencing, to lead discussion sessions, and to help connect the visits to courses taught in the program.

Academic Field Trips and Cultural Excursions

Many of the courses at Schwarzman College include fieldtrips to businesses, NGOs, or government offices related to the themes of the course. Beyond purely academic trips, the Student Life team organizes regular trips to cultural sites in and around Beijing, including to off-the-beaten-path locations as well as major sites. Students are also able to take advantage of long weekends and holidays to travel throughout China.

Lecture Series

Seven different series, covering international business, public policy and other key issues, are provided to enrich students’ academic life.

Language Curriculum and Writing Center

Studying and speaking the language of the environment in which you are living is fundamental to developing greater understanding and connection. All Schwarzman Scholars are required to take two credits of language courses in the Fall semester, with optional language courses available in the Spring semester. Chinese students take advanced English language classes, focusing on writing and presentation skills, and professional and academic English. International students take Mandarin classes, with classes ranging from absolute beginner to professional level available. The Chinese language curriculum has been especially beneficial to students seeking employment in China after graduation.

Given the importance of effective communication to leadership, the Writing Center focuses on developing students' academic and professional writing and provides writing and public speaking support, consultation services, and workshops throughout the year.

Mentorship Opportunities

The Mentor Program is a core experiential component of the Schwarzman Scholars Program. It provides an opportunity for students to learn and experience various leadership styles and better understand China/China’s role in the world.

Mentors are leading members from business, academic, government and NGO communities primarily based in Beijing who are willing to provide guidance and inspiration to our students.

Career Development

Schwarzman Scholars, diverse in their backgrounds, experiences, and countries of origin, pursue post-program endeavors that reflect these diverse interests and experiences. The Career Development team identifies and cultivates relationships and opportunities with myriad organizations and provides coaching and workshops to help students be at their best to pursue their goals.

Student Associations

Around 200 student associations in Tsinghua University provide a platform for Schwarzman Scholars to make friends, improve language skills and become more integrated into the larger Tsinghua community. After the establishment of Schwarzman College Graduate Union, a sub-branch of Tsinghua Graduate Union, scholars have numerous opportunities to participate in various cultural and social activities.

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